We specialize in providing quality financial services to individuals and the business community. We offer comprehensive life events planning and business, tax, and investment strategies and guidance.

Income Tax Preparation

At Accounting-Express, we won’t rush you through the process in order to get to the next client. We’ll devote as much time to you and your taxes as it takes to ensure that you get the absolute most back.

Free Phone Estimates

Receive a price quote and estimated amount of your return over the phone. There are No Obligations! It’s FREE!
Contact us at 408-230-1365.

Tax Interviews

We ask you relevant questions to accurately determine your tax liability, identify all the deductions you’re entitled to, and work to get you the biggest refund possible.

Audit Assistance

Unlike many smaller tax offices, we don’t shut our doors once tax season is over. Accounting-Xpress is available year round to help you if you have any questions or, in a worst case scenario, should you get audited. If you receive an audit notice from the IRS, Contact your local Accounting-Xpress tax office and one of our skillfully trained associates will meet with you to review any miscalculations or omitted information that might have contributed to the audit

Amended Returns

If you find documentation that you think may result in your ability to claim a larger refund after your return was filed this year, last year or the year before, bring it in. We’ll review a prior-year return prepared by you or another tax preparation company and then notify you of any missed deductions or credits. For a fee, we’ll then file an amended return for you.

Our Guarantee

When you pay for tax preparation at Accounting-Xpress, you are automatically covered under our Guarantee which entitles you to reimbursement of penalties and interest charged by a taxing authority, if a Accounting-Xpress tax preparer makes an error preparing your tax return. Your Guarantee coverage is effective through the third anniversary of the date of the filing deadline for your tax return, not including extensions, subject to receiving payment. Terms & Conditions apply. Ask your tax preparer to explains the conditions of the Guarantee.

Super Fast Refunds

Because Accounting-Xpress is partner with one of the industry’s #1 banks you can will receive your refund in as little as 7/14 day’s. Allowing you to receive your refund now! not later Accounting-Xpress offers tons of options when it comes to receiving your money.

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